Popular Baby Names for 2001


Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Madison
3 Matthew Hannah
4 Joshua Ashley
5 Christopher Alexis
6 Nicholas Sarah
7 Andrew Samantha
8 Joseph Abigail
9 Daniel Elizabeth
10 William Olivia
11 Anthony Jessica
12 David Taylor
13 Tyler Emma
14 John Alyssa
15 Ryan Lauren
16 Zachary Grace
17 Ethan Kayla
18 Brandon Brianna
19 James Anna
20 Alexander Megan
21 Dylan Victoria
22 Justin Destiny
23 Jonathan Sydney
24 Christian Rachel
25 Austin Jasmine
26 Samuel Jennifer
27 Benjamin Julia
28 Noah Isabella
29 Logan Morgan
30 Robert Chloe
31 Nathan Kaitlyn
32 Kevin Natalie
33 Thomas Hailey
34 Jose Haley
35 Cameron Katherine
36 Hunter Nicole
37 Caleb Sophia
38 Gabriel Alexandra
39 Jordan Amanda
40 Kyle Mackenzie
41 Jason Maria
42 Aaron Savannah
43 Eric Stephanie
44 Isaiah Allison
45 Elijah Jenna
46 Brian Rebecca
47 Isaac Jordan
48 Jack Andrea
49 Connor Mary
50 Luke Gabrielle

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